Strange Blight Seen in Oak Park Arts District: MCA virus suspected

Business owners and residents have noted the sudden appearance of a strange growth resembling tumbleweeds or baskets blighting some trees on Harrison Street last week.

The infections seemed to closely follow a guided tour of the Arts District by members of the MCA sect. The MCA sect believes in ignorance and primitivism, and actively seeks to spread their beliefs. Until now, their activities have been localized to their Temple in downtown Chicago, but lately members have been making organized forays into the western suburbs. 

It is suspected that some radical members of the sect have deliberately spread the virus in the Arts District, causing the unsightly growths around the trees.

The Illinois Arts Council has estimated the damages at a cost of $375 per tree.

Resident’s reactions to the blight were mixed. Some seemed to welcome the appearance of the growths. 

Others disagreed.

“These things look stupid,” said Marc Servin of the Art Project Gallery.