My paintings refer to the past. I feel part of the western tradition of art that runs in a continuum through classical Greece, Rome, the Byzantine age, medieval, renaissance, baroque Europe, to today. Some artists today may feel compelled to create something absolutely new. But we own the past, we have inherited the entire history and knowledge of art before us. I seek to express my deepest feelings through the study of nature and in relation to art.
Marc Servin

Marc Servin was born in New York City, and studied painting and drawing at Binghamton University and at the New York Studio School. In the 1970's he created the AIR artist's theater in a Brooklyn loft, featured along with his paintings in the 1980 Merchant/Ivory film Jane Austen in Manhattan. He also began a career in the book business, where he finally ended up as a buyer for Macy's. In 1988 he created the International School of Art in Umbria, Italy, and moved to Italy to work on the school full-time. In 2013 he closed the school in Italy and moved back to the US. He has had solo exhibitions at Galleria ISA in Montecastello and has exhibited in group shows in New York, San Francisco and Italy.