In painting I find a singular expression for my feelings, dreams, memories, spiritual issues, and ideals. I am fascinated by the possibility of creating an almost transcendental, and yet physical unity of abstract ideas of harmony and geometry, and inner personal life, all joined in a reflection of our visual world. I seek to attain clarity, beauty, and deeper understanding of life, and to share and communicate these insights with kindred souls.


School of Music, Novi Sad, Serbia
Academy of Fine Arts, Novi Sad, Serbia
University of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, BFA, MFA
International School of Art, Montecastello, Italy
Yale School of Art, New Haven, MFA


Rista & Beta Vukanovic prize for painting
Neimar Award for mosaic
3rd prize, National Piano Competition, Serbia
Elizabeth Greenshields Grant (2005, 2008)
Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant
13th Annual ARC Salon, Collections Magazine Award


"Exploring TOSCA" Illinois Artist of the Year, Winter 2012
“Closer Look: Memory Palace: Olivera Pudar” by John T. Spike